Click Here to download great Ebooks and Audiobooks from Overdrive!

How to get started:

1. First you must download the free OverDrive software, which can be found here. This software can be download to your computer or a mobile device.

2. Browse the Capital Region BOCES' OverDrive website for Ebooks and Audiobooks.

3. Once you have made a selection, check out using the student's cafeteria ID.

4. Titles can be transfered to supported mobile devices.

5. Books will be automatically returned at the end of the lending period.

Need Help?
OverDrive help:

Supported Devices:
Click below to see if your device will support the OverDrive software.

Things to Know:
  • Students can take out up to 6 Ebooks/audiobooks at one time.
  • Books can be taken up for up to 14 days.