Free Textures and Images
LIFE Online Gallery Search through thousands of photos!
Big Huge Labs - Create your own magazine covers, and plenty more.
Pics For Learning Copyright-free images for use in schools!
Tin Eye Forgot to record where you got an image, and now you need to cite it?? Try a reverse-search!
Block Posters Create a poster out of ANY image!
Open Clip Art Free downloadable images, copyright-free
Discovery Education Clip Art
Smithsonian Wild View pictures of wild animals captured at research sites!

Search for Clips for Wiki's and Blogs

Tools to resize and edit images
This is an excellent photo editor with a good range of features - available for free online
A more advanced photo editor than picnik
Allows you to quickly cut a small portion out of any picture that you upload
A fantastic drawing tool available online. Good for beginners as well as professional illistrators
Pixlr is a full featured image editor

AP Images - is an image database that Glendaal subscribes to. Published by the Associated Press.
Click here external image AP Images PPT.ppt for a slideshow about AP Images
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