Lincoln Library Media Center

The purpose of our library program is to facilitate information and literacy experiences for students, house resources that support students and staff as they prepare for the New York State Learning Assessments, and provide services to our school community. Students and staff enjoy usin the LMC throughout the school day. Every classroom houses passes which permit students to leave their classroom, lunch and recess for a visit to the LMC.
Our four elementary school facilities each house collections of over 17,000 children's books, professional literature, and parent resources. The collection focuses on the curriculum as outlined in the New York State Learning Standards and Scotia-Glenville Courses of Study. A classroom computer lab compliments the print collection. Students use the lab with their teachers and the library media specialist for collaborative learning experiences.

OPALS, the computerized catalog of resources, allows students, staff, and parents to search for resources available in Glen-Worden and throughout the district. The district also participates in a cooperative agreement for borrowing and lending resources with other school districts.
Glen-Worden Reading Rainforest Book Fair

Borrowing limits are determined by the individual students and their families. The level of personal responsibility guides the number of resources that students may borrow. One student may borrow one resource at a time while others choose to borrow a back pack full of resources. Resources are checked out for a two week time period to students. Students may also borrow resources for additional time at the end of the borrowing period. Students gain borrowing privileges when they return their overdue books.

In addition to print resources,our libraries provide E-Books, CDs, DVDs, Internet, software and CD-ROMs. In addition to the Internet web sites available in your classroom, the LMC also subscribes to other web sites and databases.

Each of our elementart librarians earned a master's degree in Information Science with a K-12 Teaching Certification. We are all very passionate about what we do for kids when is comes to connecting with books and technology and contunually enjoy lifelong learning. Liz Ryan ( is our librarian at Sacandaga, Tracy Bacher ( is the librarian for Glen-Worden and Lincoln and Deb Byrne ( is our librarian at Glendaal.

Student teams provide community service to our school. The Student Digital Camera Team snaps photo opportunities in the classroom. They prepare an end of the year slide show and crop photos for t
21st Century Learning in the LMC
he school use. Student teams also appply to our LMC to be library experts and assist the librarian at the circulation desk.

Literacy and achievement of the Standards form the foundation for our curriculum which blends information skills, literacy skills, technology skills, critical thinking and social skills with the academic units of the classroom. Experiences include:

  • inquiry-based researching for class projects
  • reading for pleasure or academics
  • investigating topics of interest
  • accessing information in a variety of media
  • studying independently or in groups

Students work with the Library Media Specialist in thirty minute classes each week. Teachers and the Library Media Specialist often collaborate during flexible times for additional inter-disciplinary learning experiences and guided inquiry instruction.